What Does Bonus Hunting Mean in Online Casinos

In virtual casinos, customers are given generous gifts for simple actions. Newcomers receive bonuses for registration, verification, and depositing funds. Regular players are rewarded for their activity in bets, participation in tournaments, and increasing their status in the loyalty program. Bonuses in the form of money or free spins attract many gamblers. There is a category of players who purposefully “hunt” for casino bonuses for quick enrichment. When a player abuses the promotional offers of clubs, the situation is called bonus hunting.

Origin and essence of bonus hunting

Bonus hunting involves a gambler registering at a casino specifically to receive gifts. They do not play and do not become regular customers of the establishment. After receiving the bonus and wagering the money or free spins, the bonus hunter leaves the virtual platform. Translated from English, bonus hunting means hunting for bonuses. The goal of bonus hunters is to earn money by using online casino promotional offers. Sometimes such players use prohibited methods to obtain promo codes and offers. Here’s how bonus hunters operate:

  • They choose casinos with different bonuses;
  • Register on the platform;
  • Make a deposit and wager gifts;
  • Withdraw money and move to another casino;
  • Find new establishments and repeat the process.

Sometimes bonus hunters fail to wager prizes due to high wagering requirements. In some cases, players are tracked by casino security systems, and customer accounts are blocked. This does not particularly upset bonus hunters, as there are hundreds of establishments operating online, and almost all clubs offer rewards.

What is needed for bonus hunting

Online casinos and bookmakers do not approve of the actions of bonus hunters and stop them. The goal of companies is to attract new customers, not to give away free gifts. Bonus hunting is profitable until the abuse of promotions is discovered by the establishment’s security service. What is needed to use the bonus hunting strategy:

  • Initial capital to make a deposit;
  • Copies of documents for the verification procedure;
  • Email and wallet for registration;
  • Creating an account and confirming it.

After registration, the gambler activates the bonus and wagers the gift. Usually, a certain amount of time is allocated for wagering. You need to complete all wagering requirements to withdraw the bonus and winnings from bonus money and free spins. If the player does not meet the deadline, the bonus expires. Bonus hunting is considered by many users as an effective earning strategy in online casinos.