Basic and Other Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is a popular card game available in many online casinos. Gambling enthusiasts enjoy playing the game for real money. In blackjack, players can also place free bets in demo mode or play big in live casinos with professional dealers. The card game has various variations, but almost all models are based on the rules of classic blackjack. The player’s task is to collect 21 points from the cards dealt, but not to exceed this value. There is a basic betting strategy in blackjack. Gamblers use this system to calculate card combinations and make the right decisions.

How to play using the basic strategy

American mathematician Edward O. Thorp first introduced the basic betting strategy in blackjack in 1962. The initial version has hardly changed. The betting strategy is condensed into a simple and understandable table, which professional gamblers successfully use. Before applying the strategy, it is necessary to understand the decoding of the letters in the table, which determine the players’ actions:

  • Hit – H (Hit);
  • Stay – S (Stay);
  • Double – D (Double);
  • Double or Stay – Ds (Double or Stay);
  • Split – P (Split);
  • Hit or Split – H/P (Hit or Split);
  • Stay or Split – S/P (Stay or Split);
  • Split or Double – D/P (Split or Double);
  • Hit or Surrender – H/R (Hit or Surrender);
  • Stay or Surrender – S/R (Stay or Surrender).

The player’s choice of action, such as splitting cards or doubling the bet, depends on the rules of the specific blackjack model. The letters in the table are located at the intersection of rows and columns and serve as recommendations for players when different cards are dealt. The basic strategy helps to play according to a certain algorithm and increases the chances of winning.

Other blackjack strategies

Certain player action schemes increase the chances of winning a round. Using strategies reduces the risk of loss and gives many players a good advantage against the casino. Popular blackjack playing strategies include:

  • Card counting – the gambler carefully tracks deals, monitors the current state of the deck, and makes decisions;
  • Plus and minus – each card is assigned a numerical value, the count changes as cards are dealt from the deck;
  • Halves – specific values ​​are assigned to all cards coming out of the deck.

There are many blackjack playing strategies. To choose the optimal betting tactic, it is necessary to carefully study the rules of the specific model and test the game for free. Different strategies can be tested in demo mode since the number of free launches is unlimited.