How to Reduce the Casino’s Advantage

In the slot machines located in online casinos, developers set certain characteristics. There is an indicator called RTP – the slot’s theoretical return coefficient. There is a parameter of volatility (dispersion or risk) of slot machines. Professional gamblers are familiar with the concept of casino advantage. Depending on the game, this parameter varies from 0.5 to 25%. The higher the advantage of the establishment, the lower the player’s chances of winning. Therefore, when choosing slots, it is necessary to pay attention to the RTP indicator – the percentage of return of the game model.

Mathematical advantage of the casino in different games

Many casino customers use bonuses. To withdraw winnings from gifted money or free spins, rewards must be played through. Usually, companies allow bets to be placed on classic slots, not card or table games. This is because the casino’s advantage in slots is greater than in other forms of entertainment. The mathematical advantage is measured in percentages and varies in different games as follows:

  • Roulette. The French version – 1.35-2.7%, American – 2.63-7.89%, European – 2.7%. By using betting strategies, a player can influence the game process and reduce the casino’s advantage in roulette.
  • Poker. The range of the establishment’s mathematical advantage is 0.5-5.22%. To reduce the club’s advantage, you can play live games where real players compete, and decisions need to be made.
  • Blackjack. Demonstrating the casino’s advantage over the gambler ranges from 0.5 to 16% depending on the version of blackjack. The house’s advantage is influenced by the number of decks, type, and strategy of the game.
  • Baccarat. In this simple game, the online casino’s mathematical prerogative ranges from 1.01 to 15.75%. The house advantage depends on bets and limits.
  • Craps. The Casino Advantage indicator is most important in this game. This parameter varies from 1.36 to 16.67%. Betting strategies help reduce the establishment’s advantage.

In slot machines, the club’s advantage is reflected in the RTP coefficient. It is advisable to focus on slots with a return percentage of 96% or higher. Additional assistance for players includes bonuses, special symbols, free spins, and other useful slot options.

How to reduce the casino’s advantage

Gaming models operate based on RNG. It is impossible to calculate combinations of symbols, card layouts, or roulette wheel stop sectors. To gain more advantages over the casino, you need to:

  • play slots with high RTP;
  • not exceed the allocated bankroll;
  • use betting strategies;
  • make decisions carefully;
  • test games in demo mode.

The casino does not require a significant advantage over the player. The company will still profit from losing bets by customers. The cumulative value of such losses by gamblers forms a fairly substantial income for online establishments.