Why Has Blackjack Been So Popular for Centuries

Blackjack is a simple and widespread card game. It is associated with the Jack of spades. Blackjack has been one of the most popular gambling entertainments for many centuries. The game occupies top positions in online casinos and enjoys constant demand from gamblers. The popularity of the game is due to very simple rules and good winning opportunities, giving players a decent advantage over the casino.

Main reasons for the popularity of blackjack

It is not exactly known when the game originated. The first documented records date back to 1875 (an American handbook where blackjack is mentioned as Vingt-et-Un). It is believed that the entertainment was invented in France in the late 19th century. Why blackjack is so popular:

It helps to train the brain. In the game, players have to memorize cards and calculate combinations, combining skill and luck. High-paced gameplay. The process of betting, dealing, and counting results happens very quickly. Accessibility of entertainment in online and live formats. Gamblers can play against a machine or a real casino dealer. Variable betting thresholds. The card game is suitable for players with limited deposits and those who prefer to play big. Blackjack has the lowest casino advantage. In blackjack slot machines, the RTP coefficient starts from 96%.

The card game has very simple rules. The player needs to collect a combination of 21 points, but not more. If good cards are dealt on the first hand, the chances of winning are quite high.

Varieties of blackjack in casinos

In modern online establishments, not only classic blackjack is presented, but also various versions of the game. Also, gamblers can choose a convenient betting format – for free in demo mode, in slots, or in live games with professional dealers. Customers in online casinos are offered interesting game options to choose from:

  • Blackjack with open cards;
  • British blackjack “Pontoon”;
  • Chinese game with two decks;
  • Spanish version without ten cards;
  • Bonus game with side bets;
  • Switch blackjack with card replacement, etc.

Despite the huge assortment of slot machines in casinos, blackjack remains popular. Players with different deposits can place bets in the game. There is an opportunity to choose a model with bonus features and additional options. The rules are simple and understandable even to inexperienced players.